:wednesday: Haroo...
:fashion: Aween was tagged me :fashion:

1. Snap the picture of both inner and outer of your purse

2. Introduce your purse brand, price n where u buy.
- Beethoven is my purse brand
- Price ?? forgot oredy coz my precious bought 4 me during his 1st salary while working @ CF Ent.... ordered from our clique 'MALA'
* thanx sayang.. yatee masi pakai sampai skrag...

3. Take out whatever is inside your purse

I got my driving licence, ATM card, reward card (servay, tune & alamanda sc), the most important's my IC, ... money for budget in 1 week.. that's all... nothing special in my purse.. I just bring that what I supposed to bring... :mimio23:
4. Tagged other 7 person
- Ayaarkk... nobody laa... but anybody 'yang rajiin' just do it....

Comment on your friend's (who tagged u) purse
- Ramai sungguh benda alah mu ween... cam tia muat suda purse mu iteeww..


eva said...

yati, driving license ko masi P ka? Sama la kita tapi sia baru lagi..tulah sia ni..sudah tua baru mo ambil lesen..hehehe

kouru.simply.craft said...

Iya vaa.. mc 'P' sot kan? hehehe... bulan 8 ni baru 1 tahun... hehehe.... berla yg penting ada suda kita lesen driving.. dr teda kan??

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